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Default Burning the bridge part 5

There has been lots of fighting and hurt feelings, moments of anger and pain.
Rane and Draco started out talking about would make them both feel better And keep moving in the right direction. There was some misunderstandings and it started out small then got blown up in to this huge thing. I thought at one time on thursday they would break up. (Rane has said that if this doesnít work out she will not do this again. Which upsets me but thatís another blog). We worked it all out and had plans to have dinner and spend some time the three of us on Friday night. Draco got off work and we picked him up from the train. 5 mins before Rane decide that she wanted to get the symbol for Karma tattooed on her neck. It was not how Draco wanted to spend the evening. We did have dinner but things were tense. We played games and hung out with Carebear. Then it was off to bed. After laying in the dark for 20 mins Rane got up. She needed some time to sort things out in her head. She fell asleep on the couch until Draco woke her and brought her back to bed. I knew Rane was not ok so I sent her into the shower to talk to Draco. They came out of the shower and were still talking so I left them alone. About 30 mins later they both called for me. Rane was unsure if she wanted to continue with Draco or just give up. Draco is only 25 year old and this is his first real serious relationship. Due to his past there are things that he didnít get to learn but he is a fast learner so I have faith in him. I again played the moderator and worked it out. Rane talked about how she was still anger from the other day and Draco wants to work it out. He knows he can change. He told me that out of everyone in the relationship I am the one that has changed the most. And that he is proud of me. That makes my heart swell. There are things I am not ready to deal with yet but I am working on it.

Any ways Dracoís family was having a get together so we dropped off Draco at his dads and Rane went on in to meet him. ( I left like a third wheel) he didnít want me to meet his dad. I was upset for we all talk about how we are all in this together. Yet I was left out. In hind sight I know that Draco wants Rane to meet the people in his life that are important to him. Maybe it was the selfish part of me that wanted to feel included.

Rane and Draco have worked it out and know there are things we all need to work on. And everyone is trying. It is getting better.
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