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The moving in is needed financially, i have been looking for a suitable housemate or another place without luck, the medical condition i have i need help and he is brilliant at it, i know it is not ideal but it is just for the final year of my degree.

I am totally not co-dependant, i am very independant, i moved out at 16 and never ask for help, that is a huge issue is that i try do things alone..i was willing to keep my place alone and take on a full time job with my last yr of uni to do it!

His contract is up thursday so i would feel an utter **** not letting him, he is having his own room so we have our own space,

i was a fab friend with him before we started dating..we are both chilled out just going to hope we manage to work it out...he is a very busy person with hobbies as am i now so i think it is workable.

i never expected to fall in love with this man and am trying to do the best for all..please dont write me off as a silly little girl! x
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