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I'm checking into a sleep study tomorrow. Since this past Sunday morning and through the end of this week, I can't have caffeine, alcohol, juices, or any of my vitamins.

Today I really want a cup of coffee but can't have one!

I went there last week to get hooked up for my first overnight that determined I qualify for participation. I guess it means that I definitely do have obstructive sleep apnea since I qualified. It was wild sleeping with a tube in my nose and what seemed like hundreds of wires and electrodes attached to my face, head, legs, and arms, plus two thick bands across my torso (like heart monitors that runners wear). In reality, there weren't that many wires, but I toss and turn a lot, so in the morning all the wires were wrapped around me like a belt and the tech had to untangle me!

That time, I checked in around 9pm and lights out was 12:30. No biggie. This time, because they have to take blood, etc., I have to checkin at 10am and be there at the clinic all day before bedtime! They have a lounge with TV, computers, etc., but geez, all frickin' day. I'm going to bring stuff to give myself a manicure.

It's all worth it, though. In about a month, I'll get paid and it will cover a month's rent and a little extra.
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