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Rather amazingly, I got to share some cuddle time with my "straight" friend, Russell, yesterday evening! (I put "straight" in quotes, because he said this morning that he doesn't
consider himself straight... or gay, or bi. He's heterosexual but also biamorous. He loves to be loved by -- and love -- men, including cuddles. He has no interest in sex with men.)

Russell and I cuddled once before, years and years ago. Somehow that fact came up in conversation yesterday evening, and Russell said something that suggested he wouldn't mind doing that again, and so I said "Come on baby!" and made room for him in this big
bowl shaped chair thingy he has. And we held and caressed one another. It was quite delicious and wonderful! He even gave me little pecks on my upper arms ... did he peck my neck? Don't remember for sure, but it was all so very welcome and joyous and tender.

Later we talked about how the culture is so F-ed up and frowns on such a simple pleasurable kind of sharing... and that sort of thing. I told him he can drop in on me for cuddles whenever he wants them.

I'm just about astonished at how the Mystery is showering me with gifts these days! I'm getting very, very happy! I'm a happy camper!
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