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Hi everyone!
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I'm feeling discombobulated. It all started with trying to organize an event. The event seemed simple and innocuous enough until I found out that doing so might not only out me / us, but potentially place me as the local face of polyamory.

This gave me pause. The pause has lead to discombobulation.

What we do isn't illegal. Is it? No, it can't be (any Canadian lawyers in the group?) We're not polygamists or bigamists.

So, if it's not illegal, then what are the two worst outcomes of "coming out"? I figure getting fired and getting a visit from child services. How likely are any of those things? Getting fired doesn't seem likely for me anyway, and the visit just seems like parental paranoia. Right?

And I did say "worst outcomes". There are likely others such as drama, potential friend and family loss, etc. But are any of those things really that horrible?

I don't want to become the intentional or unintentional face for anything (other than maybe awesomeness), but I also don't want to hide when I believe - strongly - that how I choose to live my life is in fact either no one's business or completely ethical. I need to think more on this.

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