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About 4 years ago at a neighborhood party the men started talking about the up coming 4th holiday and suggested we go get some fire me and another guy went to the local road side tent and spent a couple hundred dollars...... lit them off and madness was born. It very quickly grew and we now have permits and license's and close the street off went from $200 to 2300. It went road side tent to out of state warehouse bunker. Last year we brought some of the young boys on the shopping trip ....we kept telling them to put that little crap back and think bigger was really very funny to see the look on their faces .

So it turned into block party ....we roast a pig and a lamb guy has a bounce house for the kids ....another has a pool.... I invite my employees so I cover most of the food /alcohol .... the guest list keeps growing every year...this year I extended an invite to the the local fire house ....l Kids love fire trucks..... might have to get a second pig. If I haven't singed hair on an arms or eye brows it not the 4th of July.

Have fun and be safe ...D
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