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Originally Posted by Ignorant View Post
It wasn't about a woman's body to me just that it was another body. Two bodies for me. Two bodies for him. Both he and I already with an emotional investment leaving them - what in regards to their emotions?
Sounds to me like it would be the same if that other body was male. You're right that I don't get it. You say for you it's just another body, and it didn't matter that it was a female. So another body again, male this time, should be the same, right?

Originally Posted by Ignorant View Post
Because my partner has faced physical threat for his sexuality and hid it for so long, it IS about the male body specifically. It isn't just about another body in the mix; he has a specific craving. [...] If I'm tossed in the mix for him and a guy I would be so in the same capacity as liquid courage because I have no craving for the sex that goes on between two men.
You're not "tossed in". You're the one he has a relationship with. Anyone ELSE is the addition, not you. He wants you there, presumably for the same reasons you wanted him there when there was another woman involved. Just because the additional person he wants, he doesn't want for the same reasons you did or do doesn't mean he doesn't want you for the same reasons he wanted you in your FMF threesomes.

He's attracted to males, but he's also attracted to females. That you have no interest in watching them together only means that you have leverage to say that if you participate at all, you want to always be involved, and never be just watching.
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