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Default Moving forward... a step or two :D

Been a while since I've been actively reading, let alone posting in here... It's been a struggle and I took a much needed break from the forum and just let myself try to settle...

Nothing has changed in the way I feel, I feel just as strongly for WW and for T... but something HUGE has happened for us...

The two court cases I was involved in have both finalised and better yet I won them both... I now have sole custody of my children, and medical compensation for my injuries... I also won the right to relocate to be with WW... and the court case will be used as it set precedents ... I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF, while I had help from WW, and T, to get through the cases - largely it was my work and managing to keep myself composed in court (I was self-represented)...

Talk about a self esteem boost

BUT best of all... I get to live with WW, really truly be together, properly every day not this waiting for a year and having a couple of months...if we're lucky... gods I am sooooo happy
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