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Default Why hello there.

Hi everyone,

I'm super new to the entire concept of polyamory. I have a friend who recently came out as polyamorous and my girlfriend of four years also recently mentioned interest in it as well.

Being a rather traditional mono up until this point, it's pretty safe to say that I was totally freaked out when my girlfriend brought this up However, after the initial shock and terror wore off, I decided to do a bit of reading up on what this whole community is about. I'm really happy to see how many people are here and willing to share thoughts, advice and personal experience! I have a feeling this is going to be my main reading material for the next few months!

It's also worth mentioning that while curious about polyamory, my girlfriend and I are still working through a major rough patch in our relationship and have both agreed that polyamory wouldn't be the right thing for us at the moment. This being said who knows what will happen in the future. I guess this technically makes us PolyWogs?

So, yeah... that's a little bit about me. I hope people here don't mind having their brains picked.

Look forward to talking more with everyone

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