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Originally Posted by Mohegan View Post
We live in an itty bitty 1 bedroom apartment that is cramped with the furniture we had in our nice 3 bedroom townhouse in Ohio. If he leaves his stuff out the whole living room is rendered useless.

We agreed that when house hunting, we'll be looking for a basement workshop. And I won't even go down there. He can leave it as messy as he wants.

I'm doing okay. Fighting a migriane. In a better frame of mind but still some lingering effects from the other night.
*hugs and healing energy* We have a 3 bedroom townhouse with a full basement and when we moved in there was a perfectly good workbench with pounding board that the landlord was going to get rid of and we asked to keep. Make sure that whatever you find has good ventillation as DAP and spray adhesive have some interesting effects in enclosed spaces.....
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