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^what they said.

Our triad is still quite new, but has been moving along very, very quickly. We constantly have to pause when there's a hiccup and say - oh wait, it's not even two months yet, of course there'll be issues here & there, lol. So in some regards, I guess we could ask YOU for advice if your relationship is 5 months old! :-p

I am curious what you mean about "somewhere between a V and a Triad"? I surmise from your post that you and she are closer than you and he, this being the "almost open" end that makes it "kind of" a V? Please correct me if I'm wrong, just wondering what the dynamics are there.

In my reading around here and elsewhere, I see that some relationships, be they V or triad or whatever, work on a "primary" and "secondary" model, others on an "equality" model, with some variations. Figuring out this dynamic seems to be the niggest hangup in most of these situations.

COMMUNICATE. AT ALL COSTS. DO NOT LIE TO EACH OTHER OR YOURSELVES. That's it, that's all. The unsaid is the one thing that kills off well-intentioned poly relationships faster than anything. Or "normal" ones for that matter - but poly relationships, while stronger in some ways, are far less resilient to poor communication or bottled up feelings.
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