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With the heat bearing down mid day Jewel stripped down and took a nap. A year ago with the oldest distracted and us in our own space it would have been a time to make love. I jumped in bed with her. She wasn't very responsive. I ran my fingers down her back, touched her legs played with her breasts. She was awake yet no reactions besides a giggle or a moan. I nipped her here and there. I nipped her trying for attention, expressing my love, lust, and aggregation. I rubbed against her. With even the slightest bit more nail I dug into her back on last time, as a parting I love you. I got up to give her some peace. I distracted myself from the sinking depression that comes upon me sometimes. I wonder if I have lost my main partner as she has turned more into my sister. I don't want a sister. I donít want to just be cuddled and half heartedly grouped on rare occasions. I want her to touch me, feel me, kiss me passionately. Maybe after all these years her flame has died out, but I want it back, I want it to burn like mine. If she is not interested in females then she needs to let me know. She needs to let herself know. My lover/boyfriend is not a replacement for her, and will never be.
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