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Default Fantastic weekend

Mr. A was up this weekend. In fact, he's still up! He wanted to stay another night, but didn't want to impose on Indigo and me. I told him I was fine with it, but he'd have to check with Indigo himself. Indigo said he was rather sheepish and didn't even get to asking before Indigo caught on and offered.

Ah, what wonderful men I have in my life!

Mr. A and I celebrated our anniversary this weekend. We went to the Keg. It was pretty awesome! It's so nice to order a rare steak and GET a rare steak. Mmmmm. Oh yeah, and the company wasn't half bad, either!

Thank you, Indigo. I wouldn't have another wonderful person in my life if it wasn't for your bravery and selflessness in taking this journey with me. You've grown so much in the last year, and I am so proud of you! I love watching you take your own happiness and wellbeing into your hands.

Funny story for the rest of you ... I commented to Indigo that it had been a while (several months) since he'd expressed worry that he was "boring" and Mr. A was exciting and interesting and we did neat things together. I was expecting some sort of profound statement realizing self-growth on Indigo's part. No, he said that he noticed that Mr. A and I were just as "boring" together as Indigo and me.
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