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thanks minxxa. I wish you had written this at 3 in the morning instead of 3 in the afternoon though. I might not have sent her such a nasty email. I'll elaborate lol.

I said in another post about how early on, I was thinking 3 somes and casual sex. I would take pictures of her and send them to her BF. it was hot, it always turned me on, then we would have sex after.

I had been preparing myself for saturday. I knew he was off on saturdays and they were gonna get a hotel room. I asked her to have him take some pictures of her and send them to me. they both agreed and thought it was a great idea.

she went out with her friends and wound up leaving at 11:30 instead of 8 because she had been drinking. she said she danced for 3 hours straight. so when she finally got to the hotel room, she was tired from dancing, tired from drinking and then they had sex and fell asleep. they sent me 2 pictures, not even good pictures, almost like they really didn't care. I lost it. when I say I lost it, I mean I was enraged. I went to the gym first to try and cool down I was so mad. ever gone to the gym with unbridled rage?? my sets were easy lol. when I got back to the room, I unloaded. absolutely vomited the nastiest email I could send. then I felt guilty. hence the post above.

amazingly, she wasnt mad. she was hurt, she was upset but she wasn't mad. I slept horrible. I wound up waking up early enough that we skyped for 2 hours. we couldn't really talk because she is still at her friends house who doesn't know. what we couldn't say out loud we typed. it was one of the best talks we had in a while. she told me what happened. I felt like such an ass. I apologised and we talked some more. I understand what happened with her and she understands what happened with me. growing pains. now we know what kind of things we need to do in the future to ease each others minds.....hopefully lol
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