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Feeling a bit relieved. For the past couple of days I've been worrying about Wendigo, as I haven't heard from him since I had to take him home early Wednesday. I finally got in contact with him today and found out that he hasn't been online because his sleep schedule is out of wack from spending Thursday at the doctor and Thursday night to Friday morning in the ER.

We were all concerned that his leg injury from Ragnarok was more serious than just a bruise/ strain from where our friend in metal greeves landed on him, but with no insurance Wendigo was reluctant to go to the doctor. I'm glad he did because the injured tissue was infected. So now he is home on antibiotics and allowing himself to rest for a few more days. Building armor, etc. before the next event in August can wait a few days while he gets better and gives me a few more days to relax around the house with Runic Wolf.
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