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I like this thread. It's nice to know that I'm the only one who doesn't like to be mauled in the kitchen (while cooking) . I'm not a real cuddly person, I can't sit still very long, I need to wiggle and move and I get hot very easily (need my personal space). However, I do like a friendly arm over my shoulders occassionally, especially if we are standing around just talking.

My youngest son (11) is definitely a cuddler. His favorite place to sit and watch tv, is to share a recliner with someone else, friends or family. If I'm streched out on the couch, he will position himself between me and the back of the couch, it's like he needs as much of his body touching another person as possible. Now my oldest is better with is own personal space.

So, as long as everyone is comfortable with the situation I don't see a problem. I see both extremes in my house, and different people just have different personal space and touching needs. While some of us would be uncomfortable sitting too close to others, someone else might be just as uncomfortable not being able to touch those they are close to. Not sure about the naked cuddling .
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