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Lots of information: Here's the short and sweet. We are a nonmonogamous couple that's generally reluctant to join groups or attach labels to ourselves. We've both been in various swinging or poly type of relationships before we met up.

We've been together 3 years and have had relationships with couples and single females. She's bi, he's straight but tolerant enough of bi-men that it doesn't throw him off, he's just not participating.

Somewhere between swinging and poly is where we are. We generally don't go for the "all time high score of sex partners" but we also don't believe that to have sex with someone involves watching their kids or pets the next weekend. No, we're not paying your bills either. We don't need to grow our armpit hair out, bang on a drum in the moonlight, or wear birkenstocks and a Bob Marley T-shirt. While we're at it we're free of disease, children, religion and other drugs as well.

We're on an adventure together - and that's the key thing to understand here, "together." We are together or it's not happening. Don't ask to date him or her separately and you won't be disappointed. If that doesn't work for you, doesn't fit your idea of how we should live, that's totally ok - we didn't ask. We are 100% honest and transparent with each other at all times and reviewed this together before posting it.

It's unfortunate that an introduction needs to start with such negative signage out front. It's kind of like the "thank you for not smoking" sign you see in front of a restaraunt (or used to, I'm showing my age here). It's not that it's not a great restaraunt, that the food isn't terrific and the service outstanding, it's that if we're ALL going to enjoy this we need some common courtesy to be observed.

So, if you like riding motorcycles (fast) or like riding horses (fast) or like working out (hard) or like music (everything except country and classic rock, seriously - no "Lynrd Skynrd" is allowed) or good food (and we are up for pretty much every form of food that isn't a chain store) then odds are we have something to talk about.

He's a lunatic, pretty unapologetic about it. She's the sane one. We're friendly, outgoing, very passionate about life, always happy to meet like minded individualists.
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