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Lightbulb a touchy subject

Originally Posted by Hades36 View Post
I know myself: Iím a guy and I have a penis, which means a solid 40% of my brain power is usually spent thinking about having sex with a woman, Cylon, female elven sorceress, female orc warrior, or tentacled Lovecraftian femme fatale
This is my new favorite quote. I'm going to snigger about it at random moments for the rest of the day.

But I dunno, Hades, I think even tentacled Lovecraftian femme fatales may enjoy a good cuddle now and then, especially if it leads to pain and/or end of the world.

River, thanks for starting this thread! It's been really interesting to me. My best friend adores cuddling platonically, and perhaps not coincidentally, also works with her chakras, channelling energy. You and she probably share quite a few spiritual beliefs too. She has been heavily involved in a movement called New Culture, which is trying to consciously create a new way of being, of living. (I've involved too but more tangentially.) The New Culture folks tend to be cuddly - there are puppy files and group cuddling (although never for money! I'm with NYCindie - that's creepy or at best sad). Here's the link:

I'm pretty sure I've never consciously felt my chakras do anything - and I'm ok with that. It's not something I care to pursue right now. (Who knows how things will develop though! I also never thought I would have sex with men or have more than one relationship or enjoy collard greens.)

So cuddling leads to arousal which leads to frustration which leads to cranky which leads to stupid. At least for me.

I wish I was a more cuddly person. I'm touch deprived now with Beloved a continent away. SW is touchy which helps a lot but we don't see each other every day. And Oil Man's schedule is insane so I don't see him much. A friends' hug helps a lot but I don't have as many friends as I would like. So I'm building new friendships, and maybe new loves, but that takes time.

Just realized this is a bit of catch 22: cuddling makes me frustrated and cranky, but not enough touch makes me frustrated and cranky. I'm going to go away and think about this...
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