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Originally Posted by River View Post
Edit: [I had typed a longer post here, but I or the computer thingy must have messed up somehow, cause it got lost. It was a good post, too. Dang it! I'll tell some of that stuff in a later post.]
Okay, some of what I said in that missing post info was this.:

Last night my partner, Kevin, & I went to this fantastic African drumming and dancing event here in Santa Fe. We sat near this woman who was, to my eyes, extraordinarily beautiful. I couldn't help fantasizing for a moment about kissing her, holding her.... She was a Goddess. So I let myself feel that attraction as intensely as it wanted to be, and then I focussed the associated energies in my heart center, where it became non-grasping tenderness-joy.

There was nothing creepy or sticky about any of this. And I'm not wanting to have sex or "a relationship" with this woman, as I'm already exploring a relationship with another woman, and that's quite enough at the moment.

(The missing part of the post was much more spontanious and poetic than this crappy replacement. I can never seem to do justice to lost posts!)
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