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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
Interesting. When my ex and I first opened our marriage back in 1999, and we'd found a woman we were interested in, I wanted him and her to fuck asap. Just take the plunge and see how it felt. I was fine with their having full on sex... it was their overwhelming emotional intimacy and NRE that threw me for a loop. God, I was so naive.
I can totally understand that. For me, it's a really mixed up flipside roundabout kind of setup, because my partner had this wall of emotions for him already, and he was probably taken aback a bit, when she told him, but he has as far as I know reciprocated in every way, and seems to be in this with the intention to share his life with her, and me, and THEN they got to kiss. So, the physical stuff, what usually comes first, comes last here. NRE is totally intense and overwhelming, yes, but it can be handled in small doses, if you get to. It takes two fantastic and willing people to do it, and they are and do.
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