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Originally Posted by TruckerPete View Post
CP, that's a great step for you!
I would also like to recommend you change your use of the word demand. I find myself reacting poorly to you saying demand, even though your demand (safer sex) is completely reasonable. It's amazing the effect that language has on us, and certainly your partner will be no exception.
I absolutely agree in general, but again, in this specific matter, it's a go/no-go, absolute 0/1 for me, and I know it is for my partner too. I don't have to tell her specifically, she knows and agrees, and most likely reads it here too. :-)

Originally Posted by TruckerPete View Post
Keep up the great work! You have come so far!!
Psst ... When will we meet your partner?
Thank you!

She has a registered user here, and she reads all my posts, but so far remains incognito and lurking in the shadows. This has been a good place for me to flail, and for her to read things I can't necessarily explain face to face. Not to mention she can read what others answer.
I think she would get a lot out of this, talking to people in *exactly* her situation, but the first step takes a lot of guts. I do however know she has the guts for it, she proved that when she told me she loved her boyfriend, knowing deep inside that I would kick her out and break up.
If she wants to pop her beautiful head out and say hello, she's always welcome to in my threads, particularly when you guys ask for her. :-D
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