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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
I am really really not into that yearning from afar thing. I spent 30 years doing that.
It's not like that for me at all! Once the "yearning" appears, which it will inevitably do for me, I practice having the fulfillment of the yearning by allowing my heart to be touched by the beauty I'm responding to. When the heart is touched by my own tenderness in this way, it opens and floods, overspills -- more and more with practice.

I used to be wounded by such beauty because something in me wanted to possess the apparent cause: that person--, or to make love with that person.... Etc. But our world is overflowing with beautifull people, and they cannot and will not all be our lovers. And the cause is not outside of me. I don't have to grasp after or feel cheated. I can just open up and drink the nectar of love. I am a hummingbird! The world in its beauty is nectar.
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