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Originally Posted by serialmonogamist View Post
I've read so many posts that make it seem like anyone who doesn't act on all their impulses is somehow living a lie. Being human is, imo, about balancing desires with reason and the freedom to make choices. I believe everyone ultimately has the potential to desire partnership with more than one person. That does not mean that it is necessary to choose to be with more than one person (at a time) in a romantic relationship. You may say that making choices that defer satiating (all) one's desires is repression but so is not putting everything you see at the supermarket in your shopping cart or not ordering everything on the menu you find appealing.
Hey Serial,

Yea - I think there are some post like that. And people.
But I think you miss the point.

Because there's two components. The philosophy and the action.

TRULY understanding ourselves - what we believe and how we like our life to progress - is one thing. What we DO in any given situation & time is something different.

It's kind of all a cost/benefit analysis. Nothing more.

Sometimes the cost of living up to our own beliefs has a cost we aren't prepared to pay. Other times we'll pay ANYTHING !

But the one thing we DO know is that paying anything for something we are not satisfied with in the first place - and then continuing to pay - takes it's own toll. And for some people, the account gets emptied pretty quick. Some others have bigger accounts and can continue to pay longer. You are somewhere along that line.........

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