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All weekend was very... Tense. We didn't know what was going to happen when she got back. And instead of happy happy joy joy that all was well - in fact, to hear it from her, better than ever - I felt restrained, "capped" on my emotions.

Now in all fairness, I was running on 2 hours sleep and a lot of other stresses, but that I'm used to, never been an issue.

Part of it I have identified. I am struggling with her lack of complete honesty with him, it causes the little devil voice in my head to say "Are you sure she's being honest with you? She lies to HIM..." and whatnot. Every time I felt like I should see the evil smug devil saying "she likes you better" or "see? she doesn't want him" - the negative but reassuring voice - I heard the negative doubting one. I brought this up later, she wasn''t upset and totally understood. The annoying thing is, I don't think she lies to us at all. I know she doesn't. It;s just that that seed is hard to uproot, lol.

The smaller issue is simple male competitive jealousy; knowing she was intimate with him, etc. But that one I know well and have dealt with years ago, lol. Not an issue, really, just a thought adjustment and a laugh-at-self treatment.

I think we just need a good evening with plenty of time to adjust to her being back and the worry being gone. We'll see.
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