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Originally Posted by serialmonogamist View Post
In general, would you ever recommend avoiding pursuit of polyamory in the interest of maintaining the security of monogamous closure?
If you're polyamorous, certainly not. It would be like cutting off your left hand to be sure the right one always have enough blood... okay, my analogy is weird, but my point is that in my opinion if you are poly, staying in a monogamous relationship is a failure on a personal level, because you're not true to yourself and not as happy as you could be.
I can understand doing it to save a very long relationship you have invested a lot in, because I guess if you've been together so long without being poly, maybe you don't need poly that much, but it makes me uneasy. I think even if you end up with no partners, it's worth it expressing who you are, at least.
And some times it's better for a relationship to end, at least romantically (you can still be friends), because it just wasn't working, or it was until a certain point but wasn't going to keep working. Sometimes saving the relationship means changing it a lot, and that can mean breaking up and being friends instead.
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