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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
That's great, CP. I read where you told them they could kiss, and I thought, how frustrating! How deep of a kiss? How long can it last? Where are the hands allowed to go? I'd find that incredibly frustrating, the kissing only rule.
Well, technically, I just removed kissing from the rule, leaving sex. So, no definition of kissing, just that it was allowed. Sex was easily defined as anything that can get you pregnant, transmit an STD or lead to orgasm. Very simple definition. But all gone now. Except for the pregnancy and STD of course. Very big no-fly zones still. And I know that my partner will make sure it's safe and protect both herself and me. I do expect him to be tested and have a clean bill of health, of course. As I said, I can start making demands and expectations.
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