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Originally Posted by Tonberry View Post
... because then I'm comfortable with the idea that one or both or all of us might get aroused in the process.
Hmm. Well, one of the reasons I'm interested in this discussion is that I'm fully aware that most of us here live in a culture where cuddling with friends is edging toward the taboo, at least. It's a weird, edgy sort of experimental thing to do, like bungee jumping or leaping out of an airplane with a parachute ..., or going to a nude beach, or some such wild edgy thing. And that's where we learn so much about ourselves, each other and life--on our edges. Crossing over an edge opens us up to new experiences, which in turn can open us up more as people, so that our lives are bigger and richer and more fulfilling.

That said, ... so what if we get aroused? It's not like the world will come to a screetching hault or our hair will catch on fire! In fact, I've been finding myself just blissing out on people's attractiveness lately, feeling some arousal, and then letting the energy move up the chakras into my heart center, where that energy is nectar for the hummingbird of the heart. Pure sweetness!
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