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Originally Posted by Hades36 View Post
I like cats. Cats cuddle. And really big, slavering dogs are good cuddlers, also. Babies? Kids? Meh. I always feel anxious and scared about breaking them, so I usually try to give them back ASAP lol.
Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
Babies are tougher than you think, Hades. "My" boys are 7 mos old now, and strong as tiny oxen.

PS, I adore cats and don't have one now and am in severe kitty withdrawal.
I love cuddles with my niece. The innocent, full on love and trust in a childs heart is good for the soul. I used to be afraid of falling asleep and hurting her, but I learned to be a light sleeper when she was with me. And one night when she was 2 weeks old, Karma came home to find me asleep sitting up with her little baby arms hugging me. He said he has never seen me so at peace.

Cats on the other hand. I had it my head that my kitten would be a cuddler and lap cat the way my dog was. She wanted nothing to do with that. Now that she is around 7 though, she is an attention whore and will cuddle with anyone.

I think part of my issue with platonic cuddles was that I did get somewhat aroused by it and at the time, Karma and I were no where near strong enough to let that lead to anything. Panda and I did eventualy branch out into something. But all these other have been platonic. Attraction and arousal, yes, but not acted on.
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