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I'm actually more indiscriminately horny during my period than at any other time, meaning I'm more likely to have casual sex and the like during that time, which seems to be the opposite as that thesis.
I can imagine that for a lot of people, they would be more wary of new partners during menstruation because some people can be grossed out by the idea of having sex during it. This being said as long as you're honest about, I find that many guys don't care and a bunch are turned on by it.
Not that I have casual sex anymore nowadays, but hormone-wise I can still tell I get horny thinking about lots of people as opposed to just my partner.

On the other hand I do have to agree with the "more domestic" think. I have that cleaning obsession during my period. I have theorized that maybe I feel unclean or I feel I'm making things unclean, so I clean everything much more as a result.
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