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I'm new to the practice of polyamory--, in some respects, anyway. But I've had -- and my love of twelve years has had -- a polyamorous spirit for the duration of our relationship.

I'm getting to a place where I don't hide or withhold much. That feels good. I'm pretty "out" as a bi-queer guy. I can't see why I shouldn't be equally as out as poly. But I don't announce myself as such -- bi, poly -- (either) indiscriminantly and everywhere. Why would I? But if it comes up, I say so. Generally.

My partner, Kevin, and I have explored relationships with others, but none lasting so far--though we've been open to that possibility. We're both intimately involved again with someone we had a sort of fling with a long time ago. It was more sexual than intimate-in-a-whole-way then. It's getting more intimate in a whole way this time. His name is David. We had a good afternoon together, the tree of us, today. But we've decided not to be sexual with David for now, perhaps for a while, while we explore and expand our friendship with him -- which includes warm touch, kisses, handholding....

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