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Well, she's back! And I'm confused, lol. About myself.

She related the whole story of her weekend, in detail, becuasse she wanted to not becuase we asked. And it was almost a best-case scenario as far as Violet and I are concerned! o sum it up, she tried to see where things were with him, to explore her feelings and attraction to him - he managed to do everything wrong and remind her over and over how happy she is with us and how over him she is - emotionally, their interactions, sexually, and just in general. She has been bubbling over all night and all day about how she couldn't wait to get back and how everything feels so right now, she almost broke down when she saw what Violet nad Lana had put up around the house, her pictures with ours, etc. It was a wonderful evening.

But I couldn't be as excited as I wanted to be. It was there - I could feel it, see it, touch it and taste it. But it wouldn't come all the way out. Something was holding me back from being really excited and happy, or t least from expressing it as much as I wanted to.

We didn't have much time last night as her plane landed late and we all had to be up this morning. We have a "real" date with the three of us planned tonight. Maybe things will clear up and be better, Violet and I better rested and less worried or something, lol.

Sorry, I'm rambling...
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