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Originally Posted by Ignorant View Post

How would I ever be comfortable with being dehumanized and used by him and someone I don't love just so they could feel less awkward about homosexual sex? ...I began to see our little threesomes with women to be very little about who they were as a person but all about this extra body for our pleasure. They would get in their feelings and we barely registered their distress. I should want to be in this position just to nto be called a homophobe?!?
No. No one should be using anyone else for sex. I suggested you 2 could look at gay male porn and perhaps do something with you playing at penetrating him. Bringing you into a sex scene with another to be used as a bridge when you aren't cool with the idea, and just feel like a piece of meat, sounds very unhealthy indeed. Does he really want to just use you that way?

Personally, I'd find it hot to be with a male lover and watch him fuck another guy... but I know I would be able to have fun with it and not feel excluded.
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