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My opinion is that love means good communication, even whether there is disagreement or conflicts of values. So if this person loves you, he should at least respect you enough to communicate why he thinks you are making too much of something that bothers you and being willing to understand your feelings, even if only to agree to disagree. If you are really afraid of putting him off by coming off as too dramatic, you might consider coming up with a clear solution like, "if you're going to break dates, you need to let me know a certain amount of time in advance or I'm not going to meet with you anymore." The painful thing is when someone just doesn't care and is waiting for you to "get the hint" and break things off so they don't have to do it. This is extremely immature and irresponsible behavior, imo, but the only way to handle it is to set your limits and walk away when they push them, with or without giving them a lecture about why they were a bad person for disrespecting you and being indifferent about it. You're certainly entitled to tell someone off when they disrespect you, though, imo. What right would someone have to complain about your 'drama' if they don't respect you by sparing you theirs? Maturity attracts the same, as does immaturity unfortunately. Good luck!

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