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My ideal is three or four partners to whom I would be equally committed in my heart, although some of them may not be able to engage with me as frequently as others, such as in the case of a long distance love. But they would all be of equal importance and standing to me -- three or four "primaries," for lack of a better term (not my preferred word).

That's my fantasy. Time will tell if I can really juggle that many in reality. I know I can love that many, but can I give to all of them and manage the mundane details of multiple loves in a way that they feel their needs are met and I am not emotionally (or physically!) depleted?

I have no desire to cohabit with anyone for now, so my dream means I would be living independently while nurturing these relationships, all of equal importance to me. Maybe when I'm much older, there would be one (or two) who could be more of a live-in companion (or companions).
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