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Originally Posted by rory View Post
It was interesting to read this! I was a really good liar as a kid. I had a very controlling mother, and couldn't do much without lying. It was definitely a survival mechanism. What's interesting is that now that I'm an adult I no longer see any reason to lie. There is no reason to lie in an adult relationship where the other person doesn't (or shouldn't) have such a power on you. I feel that by lying I would actually give somebody power over me.
That's such a good observation. It was hard for me to come to that realization about lying in my life. I assumed that all the power was in lying and getting away with it. There may be power in that but it's funny the way lying or hiding things causes you to have to tiptoe in someone else's shadow, isn't it? It's so liberating to stand up for your truth, isn't it?
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