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Default This Unicorn has questions...

So I suppose to start at the beginning;
I have considered myself to be lesbian for years, with occasional drunken dalliances with men. In these last few years, however, I have been keeping myself out of relationships with either, due to unfaithfulness issues with my past partners (they liked to sleep with men, without asking/inviting me).

Keeping this in mind, I was not looking for anything real, just someone to play with perhaps. I have been told this is when 'IT' happens, and wow did it strike me funny.

C & N are the couple I have found myself entangled with on many an occasion for the past 5 months, & cannot imagine not having them in my life now. The relationship is more than physical, but it is new ground for all three of us. I suppose for definitions purpose, we are somewhere between a V and a Triad... The rules are still being laid out, for what is comfortable for all of us. They have just recently gotten married, and are both 8 years my junior. (yay for me)

With the love that we have for each other in mind, and the newness of this complex relationship we have going on, I would like any words of advice. There are fears I have of ruining their relationship, but I have been reassured that they are stable enough to work at this with me.

I know that communication is the number one thing, and we are constantly working at that. Advice? I really, really like this new feeling of completeness that I have with them. Are there groups out there that have been able to make it work? So much love... I'd hate to lose them. Thanks!
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