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TL - nice job, sir


Spent this morning trying to calm Mo down after Asshole showed up unannounced on her facebook. I've never seen her physically react with nausea to the unexpected apearance of someone before. They last spoke when he got ahold of her - again unannounced and unwanted - three years ago and she told him what she thought of him then. So, we've heard nothing from him until now. She keeps all of her photos and everything set to where only friends can see them, and recently she set one album - pics from a Tuesday night practice - up to where friends of friends can see it, so that everyone who was there could tag themselves. And as soon as she does, this guy sends her a private message about those pics of her.

So Asshole, how long have you been cyberstalking my wife?
I discussed several options with her last night, IE blocking him, telling his wife what's going on and what he did to Mo, ect. But in the end, it's her decision to make. My job is to make sure she's mentally and emotionally taken care of right now, not to handle this myself.

Unless she asks me to.
This is my family. It may be little, and broken, but it's still good. Yeah, still good.
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