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Thanks, SeventhCrow. Yes, a most fine afternoon with an old intimate friend who we haven't seen much in a long while. David used to be a next door neighbor. He and we and I and all of us have our wounds, our "issues", our "stuff"... but isn't that just how it is on Earth at the moment? Seems to be. And so we are all holding each other in appreciation, kindness, warmth..., not a lot of expectation and demand.... It was a very nice afternoon, indeed. I feel blessed by everything, by everyone, by the sun and the moon and the stars. And that is so not Hollywood. It's just life. Roses have thorns and all. No problem! Glad to be awake and alive! Happy to give myself and my many loves all the love we need that each can give. Happy, also, to receive just that which I can. Happy to let it all be happy and with no problems for now. Happy to address any problems as they arise, and not before! Smiles!

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