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Yes, I think it is safe for me to call him my boyfriend, or lover.

My momma knows that I am with another person. She thinks it is a FWB, and just cannot fathom the poly. She had a loong convo. with Jewel about how she would break up with anyone who had an "affair". Note: this woman is nutts, and very selfish. She has been trying to tear me and Jewel apart for how long. Anyway I am on the momma tear because I am nutts enough to help her with her garage sale this weekend. I am hoping my night in shinning armor, my lover, will come and save me on Monday. This is were he gets a little possessive and evil with my mom. In a cute-ish way, not life threatening. I think Jewel needs to take note and express for reals how she feels about her too. Just saying. Fingers crossed for a Friday night sleep over.
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