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Hmmm, this thread is interesting to me because my gf and I are both pansexual and she is male to female transgender, while I am a cis-gendered woman with genderqueer tendencies. I also talk to a lot of bi-curious men on ok cupid, since I am listed as bi there.

Many of these bi curious men tell me they'd like to have their first gay experience in a MFM, or MMF 3way. I guess it's a way to have comfort in the usual (sex with a woman) while exploring something new (and rather forbidden in our culture).

Just off the top of my head, to be loving towards your husband, I suggest you 2 look at some real gay male porn together, so you can get used to seeing men kissing, caressing, giving each other blowjobs and anal sex. After all, you've probably seen women giving bjs and receiving anal sex. 2 guys doing it is the same thing... just with less boobs and more body hair.

Perhaps your h would like to receive anal sex from you? Many men adore the prostate stimulation. You 2 could even shop for some toys and/or a strapon for you to wear, so he can suck "your cock" or get his ass fucked. You might get really turned on by his response and the intensity of his orgasms from that kind of sex.
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