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Originally Posted by Abstract View Post
I am wondering how people work out a triad situation and manage to keep everyone in the situation happy....

Hello Abstract,

Well, you have a lot of very legitimate questions there. Far too many to try to address in one - or a dozen - posts. I'd recommend that you just spend some time browsing here - using the search features as someone recommended - to pick particular topics of interest.

The long & short of it is this.
Poly relationship include 'people' ! So all of the things the make 'people' happy & unhappy are components - and that varies as much as humans vary.
It's all about good communication and striking balance that makes as many people as happy/fulfilled as can be reasonably achieved. Nobody gets everything they want (rarely at least) and what you do get requires some serious effort. Like most anything else.

Most of the questions you raise are just usual questions that involve social interaction. What the answer will be depends on the people involved but I'm sure what you know about people will apply here also. Most of it is common sense and CONSIDERATION !

Feel free to come back with specific questions if you don't get any insights from seeing what's already been posted before you.

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