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Originally Posted by Abstract View Post
If you do live with 3 people... Is time and attention equal? Do you get equal say in the house hold?
For our tribe, yes. (At least I hope so, and if not, we'd talk about it.)

Originally Posted by Abstract View Post
What are the rules that exist....if any?
Does everyone find these rules to be fair?
Does one person always feel like they are making a sacrifice to follow rules they don't really want to?
If your the one who wants/needs the rules, do you feel like the bad guy? or that you are making other people unhappy?
Do people initially agree to rules to make someone happy, and than want them to change, what if the rules will never change?
We're polyfi and consider everyone as an equal / primary. We have assigned date nights, kids nights, and family nights, so we all get time with each other. Actually works out extremely well, better than as just a couple. Very few (if any) other rules that I can think of, except to talk when one's needs aren't being met so we can fix that together.

Originally Posted by Abstract View Post
Can someone expect not being the priority in the 3 way relationship?
Not if everyone is a primary, 'tho some tribes may distinguish between primaries, secondaries, and even tertiaries. To each their own, and ultimately the tribe decides.

Originally Posted by Abstract View Post
What about alone time, and privacy, how do people do that, are things scheduled? It seems like there isn't much excitement in scheduling sex and things? Do people all share one bedroom usually?
As a vee, we don't share one bedroom. And you're right, there's not much excitement in scheduling, but it's necessary. Get yourself a good smartphone, create a Google calendar, and share it between everyone so you can all manage your time (including sleeping hours) together.

Originally Posted by Abstract View Post
Anythings that really seem to work well that people have tried, in terms of having a live in or non-live-in triad where everyone really is happy?
In the triad of three people, A+B+C (with B as the fulcrum), if it's A+B's turn to spend the night together, C has a chance to has sex with B before A+B run off together. And visa versa. That way, everyone has the opportunity to have sex with their partner every night if they want, even if it's not their turn to sleep together. That arrangement/rule has worked extremely well for us.
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