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Short seemingly off the wall suggestion.
Purchase the book "please understand me" or "please understand me II".
There is a little quiz in the book near the front (don't read the whole book, it's not designed for that).
Take the quiz, have him take the quiz. Then each of you read your "profile".
This test is one that psychologists and psychiatrists use with patients to help them understand who they are and how they operate BEST as well as how OTHER people are and how they operate best.
If you both do that it help you each see which behaviors aren't a personal affront to one another but simply your natural NEEDS for your life.

At that point you can work on compromise REALISTICALLY without asking one or the other of you to do or not do something that is intrinsically impossible for you.

Maca and I have both books we did the test, had our friends, roommates, my boyfriend all do it as well and WOW what an eye opener.

Our counselor had all the people in his office take it before he took the job-just so he could be sure to respect their differences and still be sure he could function in that office.
It's really awesome. I got my book for $9 at the used book store.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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