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Originally Posted by Mohegan View Post
I have a bad back and while I can't skate to save my life, I have learned some tricks to keep it from siezing when I am going to be active. I start taking Nsaids (ibuprofin and the like) the day or two before and I do light stretching and warm up the muscles. Then when I get home it's more nsaids and a hot shower. If it's the lower back it could be you're hamstrings are too tight. I thought my physical therepist was crazy but once I started stretching them daily it made a huge difference in my back. I do it before I get of bed, after any exercise and before bed. Lay on your back feet on the floor knees bent. Put your right ankle on your left knee then lift your left leg towards your chest. then do the other side. To strengthen the back lay on your stomache arms under your chin or straight out in front of depending on which is better. Lift both legs up and then lift your chest up. Kind of like superman flying. Hold for a few seconds then relax. Do as many reps as you can.

If it's your upper back I've got nothin'. All my issues are L5 and lower. Good luck!
Hey thanks for that! All related to lower back - and i will start making sure I stretch my hamstrings and do the superman thing Mucho appreciated
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