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My love for you will never die. Our love will never die.

I enjoy what the future will bring for us. I look forward to the friendship continuing and growing. I am saddened by the loss of one side, but the potential of the other excites me too. Like a phoenix rising I suppose... (this has been an ongoing experience about friendship for me.. poly has been teaching me more about friendship than having friends ever did)

Thank you Sourgirl for the things you have done, even when I know they were difficult, doing the right thing is rarely the easiest. Someday we will look back at this time and simply smile. This is simply another cross roads for our lives, not an end, or even a start.

I have to agree, this is one of the reason I enjoy openess, regardless of its name. It has allowed me to meet and expand a relationship to one of its potentials. Thats a truly beautiful thing.

Nothing great ever comes easily.. you rock Sourgirl.. thank you xo

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