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Default After The 'Relationship'

Having yet another wonderful, long talk with Ariakas this morning, made me want to share in the awesomeness of when standard 'relationships' end, and a true friendship emerges.

We love each other, as much now as ever. No nay-sayers on his side, are going to convince him otherwise, and no nay-sayers on my side, are going to convince me otherwise.

We know we are not designed to be in a poly relationship with each other, but the fact we loved each other enough to know that, is amazing. To share all our on-goings, laugh, share feelings, and to want the best for each other. Even if that 'it' is not each other, a really empowering feeling. Empowering for each other in a selfless way.

We can be sad of whats not to be, we can mourn a loss, we can move on and forward, in the directions each of us need to go.

Ariakas my dear, I think you are right. We`ll always be in each others life in one form or another. the vignette' of being open or poly. Letting relationships shift, and morph, and change into what they need to be. For us its a very deep friendship. Others don`t get it, and well, we don`t care.

Thanks for being such a hard-working friend Your efforts don`t go un-noticed, I am grateful for all you do.
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