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At this point, it appears he's thinking through whether he wants to approach his wife about it or not. I suspect it may be something that he thinks is a good idea when he's been drinking and doesn't feel as inhibited about discussing matters with his wife, then when he's completely sober, feels too inhibited to bring it up.

Most of his family knows we're poly--well, those still living at home, save the youngest--and we've touched on it briefly in a couple of conversations. None of them are hostile to the idea, so I figure it's only a matter of time before it crops up in conversation again and I can explain more about the underpinnings and how they can help in mono pairings. I really like these people and would love to see them work through their issues, whether they try poly on for size or not.

I figure if they're not hostile to the idea of poly, then eventually they'll ask about how it works.
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