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First, you DON'T have to be part of the mix if he's seeing a guy.

Ok...Now that I've answered THAT...How about this thought: You said that he has met with women, but it never really works out. Yet, you could have a date any night of the week. Perhaps, he is just feeling that if he were to date a man, he could also have more "play". Just a thought. I mean, there is a man on every street corner who will date and sleep with whoever he can, while women, are (TYPICALLY) more...elusive and harder to get. Make sense?

There are many women on this site (and others) who completely disagree and say that men are just as hard to find as women. The truth is this: If you are looking for a meaningless fuck, yes...Men are more plentiful than women. (We're typically easier than women are because most of us will rise to the occasion and put our most precious member into almost ANYTHING!. LOL) But, to find a real relationship that goes beyond sexual, then it is ALMOST as hard to find a decent man.

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