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Default Lessons learned in coming out - What I didn't expect

I just thought I would put out a quick blurb about some of the issue I wasn't expecting when we came out to a very resistant but important part of our family.

The stress put on us has at times shaken our faith in what we are building. We are committed and moving forward but have been dampened by re-immerging issues that have already been worked through. This is mainly my issue which I feed on because I get so hung up on being mono.

As the external pressure of disapproval and allegations of my own intentions wash up against the shores of my commitment, I find myself being pulled back into old watery depths of concern which threatened to drown me;

Am I strong enough to be with a poly woman; not with who is in her life now but in who may come in later?

Can we really have a future?

Am I unfair in my requirements to be healthy?

Can I survive in a social circle primarily poly in nature without feeling people are just friending me to get to Redpepper?

Am I giving up a "normal" life I have been in for so long and feels so comfortable to me?

The list goes on but these are all questions I have answered and ultimately the answers all lead to one thing...forget everything else...We have a very fortunate and special "V" that has paid its dues and put in the work. We have committed to each other and genuinely love each other. No outside opinion will take us to another path, only our own will.

Above everything is the fact that Redpepper is the most radiant, trustful, loving and wise love my head, heart and soul have ever met. She is my definitive passion and partner. If something wants to get in my way of loving her it will have to come from inside and be a fuck of a lot bigger than anything we have seen yet. End.

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