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Default Beginning my Poly life

Hi all. I've only realized that I am Poly in the last couple of years. Now, I'm beginning a possible poly journey. Married to my Mono husband who is allowing me this venture. He has his bad days, which seem to spark severe guilt in me.

I actually was searching here looking for discussions about guilt. It seems easy to say "don't live it" but not so easy to figure out how to not take it upon one's self.

I realized that part of why I feel such guilt is because I don't understand myself and what it means to be Poly. I am not choosing this, even tho' I am choosing to live it now...I am poly. I am made this way. But, being raised in our mono world, I do find that I get trapped by my own self criticism.

I'm hoping by having other poly folks to talk to that I will start to get more comfortable in this skin and realize that I needn't feel guilty for what I am.

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